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Plant a Tree in Africa

Transforming the land

We're planting trees in East Africa as part of a long-term solution for offsetting environmental degradation that leads to drought and famine.

Deforestation in most regions of East Africa has resulted in reduced rainfall. A country requires at least 10% forest cover to maintain adequate rainfall for climate balance.  The continent of Europe has an average of 46% forest cover, the US 24.7%, and Kenya 1.7%.  It is no wonder then that drought and subsequently famine is a recurring cycle.

If we want to stop the drought/famine cycle, teach environmental stewardship, and make a difference for the coming generations, we need to plant trees.  Increased forest cover is needed to keep the desert from encroaching on otherwise fertile areas. Greater forest cover will support vegetation and a balanced ecosystem, which will encourage sustainable farming and diverse economic activities.

  • ATI has helped local churches start 5 tree nurseries -- and intends to start many more. Each nursery provides an income-generating project for the church and also provides seedlings to be planted that will help increase forest cover.
  • ATI is now in negotiations with Kenya Forest Service to acquire larger tracts of land that can be re-afforested with the help of development partners.

You can make a huge difference

It's very easy to help us plant trees across East Africa. $1 can plant 10 trees, and $5 can plant 50 trees. When you sow the seed that plants a tree, we can all reap a better future.