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Transformation and Equipping Center

The vision of the Africa Center for Transformation (ACT) is to train, equip and inspire men and women who will change their villages, communities and nations. They will be helped to recognize and appreciate the vast potential available in Africa: natural resources, human resources and a rich heritage of spiritual and moral values. The Africa Centre for Transformation will champion programs that will tap into that potential and translate it into actions that effect change in African communities and societies.

Africa will rise and be self-sustaining

The overarching goal of this project is to see the peoples of Africa rise from a position of poverty and mentality of helplessness to a position of self-sustenance and attitude of hope. True transformation begins with a renewing of the mind. New ways of thinking will result in new ways of living. Training takes place in workshops, seminars, and could also involve facilitating the higher education of Africa's emerging leaders who can then be a part of transforming their nations.

The physical components of the ACT include:

  • A training facility
  • A prayer center
  • Offices that facilitate holistic interventions
  • Micro-finance
  • Education initiatives

The on-site spiritual foundation of prayer and worship, training, and practical hands-on models of community transformation will comprise the approach of the ACT. DOVE Africa has already acquired land to be used for this center, and the work of training, prayer and of holistic interventions is ongoing.